Resolutions to the 2016 IAFP All Member Assembly

Any member in good standing (student, resident, active or life) may submit a resolution for consideration by the All Member Assembly. The deadline for consideration was Sept. 28. Any resolutions received on site at the annual meeting will be offered to the Assembly, where ¾ of the credentialed members in the room will need to vote to consider the resolution before discussion can proceed.   Need help writing a resolution?  AAFP has guidance for you. All IAFP Active and Life members in good standing are eligible to vote on resolutions at the All-Member Assembly.  IAFP Resident and Student constituencies may have a delegation of five voters at the All-Member Assembly.  The resident and student seminar on Saturday morning will include selecting their delegates to the All-Member Assembly. 

Resolution of Condolence - Paul Kinsinger, MD

Resolution of Condolence - Secundino Rubio, MD

Resolution #1 - Bylaws Amendment on Board of Directors Absences - ADOPTED

Resolution #2 - Bylaws Amendment on replacing the All Member Assembly - ADOPTED.  See 2015 Resolution on All Member Assembly as a reference 

No late resolutions were submitted to the 2016 All Member Assembly