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2017 IAFP Resident Research Virtual Summit Schedule

9:20 AM         Compliance with shock campaign protocol at Jackson Park Hospital
                               Snigdha Putta, MD, Jackson Park Hospital and Co Presenter: Dr. Nathank Mekheail  (Research in-progress)

9:40 AM         Navigating A New Era of Treatments: Assessment of Family Medicine Resident Readiness Regarding Hepatitis C Management Through a Statewide Survey
                              Patrick Ennis, MD – West Suburban Hospital and Co Presenters:  Jeanne Gambucci, DO, MPH; Patricia Martin, DO (Completed Project)


11:20 AM      Ipad Precepting: Does It Work?
                              Erin Schifeling, MD West Suburban Family Medicine Residency Program  and Co Presenters: Karri MacMillan, MD and Henry Del Rosario, MD (Completed Project)
11:40 AM      Understanding cultural beliefs surrounding diabetes in the Hispanic population on the West side of Chicago
                              Lizbeth Rodriguez, MD – West Suburban Family Medicine Residency and Co Presenters:  Moshini Sivasubramaniam MD, Michelle Medley DO and Daniel Hawthorne MD
                              (Completed Project)
12:00 PM       Patients Understanding of Treatment Plan and Discharge Diagnosis Consent Form – A follow up study
                              Dhaval Patel, MD -Jackson Park Hospital and Co Presenter: Bismah Najeeb, MD (Research in-progress)
12:20 PM       Prevalence of urinary incontinence in patients presenting to Jackson park family health center
                              Nada Farooq, MD – Jackson Park Hospital and Co Presenter:  Ofure Esangbedo, MD (Research in Progress)

2:00 PM         Transitions of Care Curriculum: Helping Family Medicine phyisicians learn the best fit post-acute care setting for patients' needs
                               May Soliz, MD - University of Chicago at NorthShore  (Completed Project)
2:20 PM         Pain Management during Labor: a Cultural Perspective
                              Teresa Ostapowicz, MD – Saints Mary and Elizabeth’s Family Medicine Residency Co Presenters:  Daniel Ostapowicz, MD Angie Aybar, MD
                              (Research in Progress)

2:40 PM         Pre-Diabetes: Clinically Meaningful Interventions based on Chart Review
                              Mike Walker, MD -Northwestern McGaw at Humboldt Park and Co Presenter: Jiyeon Jeon, MD (Research in-progress)

                              HELP DESK ANSWERS – 5 PRESENTATIONS at 5pm
5:00 PM         Does Exercise Delay Dementia?
                              May Soliz, MD -University of Chicago (NorthShore)
5:10 PM               Does Levaquin result in better outcomes than other antibiotics in mild/moderate or severe COPD?
                              Bright Odei, MD SIU Springfield Family Medicine Residency          
5:20 PM         Does onabotulinumtioxinA(Botox) injections help in pain management with chronic migraines?
Jieun Heo, MD - Southern Illinois University Springfield Family Medicine Residency
5:30 PM         Screening Tool for Mild Cognitive Impairment
                              Sandya Shivashankar – SIU Springfield Family Medicine Residency
5:40 PM         What evaluation is indicated in a patient with an asymptomatic femoral artery or iliac artery bruit?
                              Supriya Gupta, MD - SIU Family Medicine Residency
6:00 PM         Complexity: A resident's perspective
                              Martin Aramburu, MD – Northwestern McGaw at Erie Family Medicine and Co Presenter: Sreela Namboodiri, MD
                              (Research in Progress)
6:20 PM         Perceived social support in an Instagram “fitspiration” account
                              Jennah LaHood, MD - Northwestern Family Medicine Residency at Lake Forest and Co Presenter: Tiffany Holland MD  (Research in-progress)