Optimizing Patient Care: Incorporating “Choosing Wisely®”  Recommendations into Practice

About “Choosing Wisely®” 

The IAFP is pleased to announce the educational initiative regarding incorporating "Choosing Wisely®" recommendations into practice. This program will include online education, e-newsletters, and information regarding recommendations, updates, links to resources, and strategies for you to implement in your practice.

Online Education

Visit cme.iafp.com to view the “Choosing Wisely®” online education programs.

Optimizing Patient Care: Incorporating “Choosing Wisely®” Recommendations

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the concept and purpose of the “Choosing Wisely®” campaign
  • Identify the 15 AAFP Choosing Wisely® recommendations
  • Understand the various initiatives to increase the “Value” of Health Care Dollars

Optimizing Patient Care: Antibiotic Stewardship

Learning Objectives:

  • Review risks of antibiotic use to both the patient and the community
  • Identify current recommendations for antibiotic use in the management of Acute Otitis Media (AOM) in children
  • Identify current recommendations for antibiotic use in the management of Sinusitis


Click on the links below to access the “Choosing Wisely®” e-newsletters

Optimizing Patient Care - IAFP Chooses Wisely

Optimizing Patient Care – Antibiotics

Optimizing Patient Care – Scoliosis

Optimizing Patient Care – Prostate


Resources You Can Use

Choosing Wisely

AAFP Choosing Wisely initiative

View the AAFP List of Tests and Procedures to Consider (512 KB PDF)

From AFP: Search List of Key Primary Care-relevant Choosing Wisely® Recommendations

From FPM: How to Help Your Patients Choose Wisely

View Patient Education Handouts About Tests and Procedures to Consider Carefully (familydoctor.org)

Antibiotic Awareness Week

Consumer Reports - Antibiotics

Less is More Campaign

Choosing Wisely – Screening Tests