Federal Government Relations Update

February 2, 2018

Children's Health Insurance Program renewed President Donald Trump signed into law a bill last month that would extend a program providing insurance to low-income children for the next six years, reopen the federal government and delay several healthcare-related taxes.  The program expired Sept. 30. Illinois had enough federal funding to provide coverage through September. Nearly 132,000 children could have been impacted if it ran out.

Rx Pricing As states seek to address high drug prices, industry lobbyists are increasingly targeting state lawmakers, reports Kasier Health News.  On April 7, 2017, the AAFP announced it joined the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Prices, a national coalition of medical and health organizations dedicated to policies to lower the price of prescription drugs. On January 7, 2017, The AAFP also wrote a letter indicating the organization’s interest in providing Medicare with drug price negotiating powers.