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Advocacy on Preserving Health Care Coverage

Link to the AAFP SpeakOut Center to send an e-mail directly to your members of Congress.  Template letters are provided for important issues that you can edit to tailor to your experience. 

AAFP has a page on Health Care Coverage that is updated with resources, talking points and suggestions for advocacy.

8/15/2017 AAFP In the Trenches Blog - recapping the year to date and how the Affordable Care Act survived repeal and replace attempts to remain the current law. 

AAFP's updated page on Academy actions and letters to preserve and improve the Affordable Care Act 

IAFP statement on supporting graduate medical education and Illinois family medicine residency programs.  

Speak Out letter on Federal Legislation to continue funding for Teaching Health Centers. 

March 2017 AAFP Responses

American Health Care Act

AAFP Letter to Ways & Means Committee

AAFP Letter to Energy & Commerce Committee

AAFP Letter to House Budget Committee

March 20, 2017 - AAFP letter to House Leadership opposing AHCA

Group of 5 [AAFP, AAP, ACOG, ACP, AOA]

Letter to House and Senate Leadership on health care reform

Joint Press Statement

Joint Statement

Letter to President Trump

Joint Statement on the American Health Care Act

IAFP's 2009 Family Physician of the Year Risha Raven, MD authored an Op-Ed in the January 13 Bureau County Republican.  You can read it here

Internal medicine physician Stasia Kahn, MD, who co-owns a practice with IAFP past-president Carrie Nelson, MD, shared this article outlining how their patients have benefited through changes made by the Affordable Care Act.  

Kaiser Family Foundation infographic illustrating what repeal of Medicaid expansion will mean for Illinois

Read the letter from AAFP President John Meigs, Jr., MD, FAAFP to members outlining AAFP's stance and activities.  You can also follow AAFP and @aafpprez on Twitter. 

1/25/2017 AAFP Webinar on the New Administration and Family Medicine.  You can view the recording of this update from AAFP Policy and Advocacy leaders.