Opioid Safety – Requirements for IL

Beginning in 2020, Illinois physicians are required to take three hours of Continuing Medical Education specifically on safe opioid prescribing practices.  These three hours count towards the 150 CME hours necessary for your license renewal. The three hours must be offered or accredited by a professional association (such as IAFP!), state government agency, or federal agency. 

While you will not be required to submit any documentation proving that you have completed the required three hours of opioid safety, you should keep your records in the event of an audit.  Should you be audited, all that you would need would be a copy of a CME certificate that states the course name, date taken, name of the accredited provider, and your name.

Click here, for complete information on license renewal requirements for the state of Illinois

IL AFP Course Offerings
The Illinois Academy of Family Physicians already has many, 1-hour online courses on opioid safety that you can take today and more planned for the future!

The courses include:

  • Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program 2020 Update & MAT Deserts
  • Sharing Challenges and Best Practices in Medication-Assisted Treatment for OUD (Course accreditation expires on 09.19.2021)
  • Harm prevention and Harm reduction in opioid safety
  • Opiate Use Disorder and Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Burenorphine Case Presentations & Best practices

To complete these courses, please login to Your username and password is the same as your IAFP login.  If this is your first time visiting our education website, you will need to register and create a account.  

The IAFP is committed to helping our members not only complete the new requirements, but also have the most up-to-date education on opioid safety to increase physician knowledge, improve best practices, and best help patients. Stay tuned for additional learning opportunities.

More Online Courses:

Illinois ADVANCE offers online AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ continuing education programs for Medicaid prescribers. Programs are available that prescribers may complete to meet their Illinois DEA license renewal requirement.

Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program:
Interoperability for Combating the Opioid Epidemic

Opioid Crisis:
Drug Testing in Addiction Medicine
Induction and Follow-up
Maternity Care and Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)
Naloxone for the Reversal of Opioid Overdose
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
The Opioid Epidemic: Screening, Treatment, Harm Reduction, and Health Equity 

Opioid Safety Resources

Below are some opioid safety and licensure resources. For a more comprehensive and up-to-date list, click here