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 Goal: To increase Adult Pneumococcal Immunization rates in Illinois by using Quality Improvement methods and periodic data reporting to provide feedback, test and implement team-based practice improvement and patient activation strategies.

Through team-based collaboration, this project will assess the impact of implementing standing vaccination orders and utilizing strategies for those patients who have not received the vaccine.

Meet the Team:

Interview with Anton Grasch, MD - subject matter expert

Interview with Mayank Shah, MD -  Project Medical Direction/Advisor

Interview with Lucy Zielinski - QI project consultant


Increasing Pneumococcal Vaccine Rates: Best Practices for Medical Groups
Presented by Lucy Zielinski

Pneumococcal Vaccines
1.0 CME Credit (must log into IAFP CME webpage to view and receive credit)
PDF of Pneumococcal Vaccines slides

Presented by Anton Grasch, MD
Family Medicine MD, Peoria, IL
Direct Primary Clinic, Attending FM Residency

QI Resources:

Adult Pneumococcal QI PDSA cycle worksheet - cycle/chart pull online form


CDC #HowIRecommend videos series - featuring health care professionals talking about how they recommend vaccines to different types of patients.

June 2019 ACIP Meeting on Pneumococcal Vaccines

Immunization Action Coalition

Standing Orders Templates for Administering Vaccines

IAC Ask the Experts

AMA Visit Prep Checklist

Vaccine Procedure Suggested Best Practice - KC Clinic

Pneumococcal Vaccine Timing for Adults poster

AAFP resources:

Increasing Adult Pneumococcal Immunization Rates Through AAFP State Chapters

Adult Immunization Office Champions Project - FPs Share Best Practices for Raising Immunization Rates


Pneumo Recs VaxAdvisor by Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (for IOS & Android)

QI Resources:

ACHE Healthcare Executive 2018 Competencies Assessment Tool