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Practice Resources

Click here for the Practice Management page

AAFP toolkit for Chronic Pain Management - AAFP now has available as member-only resources a new chronic pain management toolkit  and a free CME webcast focused on chronic opioid therapy.The toolkit is a dynamic resource and will evolve as more resources are added in order to provide the most up-to-date information to Academy members.

Click here for Medicaid Resources

Click here for MACRA (Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act) resources

Click here for Health Care Coverage resources

Resources on Physician Burnout and Physician Wellness

Link to Health is Primary patient education fact sheets

Resources for tobacco and nicotine addiction

Resources about POLST

Patient Education websites

www.familydoctor.org – Award-winning patient education information you can trust - and share - from AAFP

U.S. FDA recall center - Notices of major product recalls

Illinois Poison Control Center March is Poison Prevention Month - learn more and get resources for your practice

Pathways.org - Newborn and child development screening and intervention

Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program - Register and use this online database to ensure safe prescribing of Schedule II narcotics

 Affordable Care Act coverage.  3 page resource to help you help your patients connect to coverage, provided by IAFP and the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Physicians Statement on Breastfeeding Resources for  supporting breastfeeding in your practice and hospital

Practice resources

IDPH - Current Child Health Examination form  English and Spanish

Epi Pen Provider Fact Sheet and EpiPen Fact Sheet for Parents

 IDPH certificate for religious exemption form for school-required immunizations.  This form must be used starting October 16, 2015.  The law takes effect with the next school year.  More information in  this Q&A document from IAFP and ICAAP

IDPH Screening Recommendations for Pregnant Women Fact Sheet -  Landscape format or  Legal size

IDPH PRAMS information (Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System)

IDPH Addressing the rise in Syphilis - Syphilis Staging and Treatment and article #2 with data, screening recommendations, and reporting. Article #3 - Syphilis Laboratory Tests

Illinois Heroin Crisis Act and Family Physicians 

Hepatitis C Resources for Providers - NEW guidelines for HepC testing The American Academy of HIV Medicine along with the American College of Physicians (ACP) has developed a “Guide to Hepatitis C Testing” for clinical providers.

Primary Care:  Clinics in Office Practice journal. IAFP Board Chair Janet R. Albers, MD is editor of this publication. Many IAFP members are authors.  Learn from your IAFP friends. 

Joint effort leads to public awareness campaign about prediabetes -You can encourage your patients to take a short online test at DoIHavePrediabetes.org to learn their risk. Download the free Toolkit for providers: Prevent Diabetes STAT program

Medical Cannabis Pilot Program forms - Click here for updated forms effective July 2016

Measles Vaccine Update

Measles Webinar from ICAAP and CDPH